Chief Executive, Authority for Info-communications, Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam [AITI] of Brunei Darussalam [AITI], Brunei Darussalam
Contribution to Organisation

This “Contribution to Organisation” Award recognises Haji Yahkup Bin Haji Menudin’s contribution to people development in Brunei. 

Haji Yahkup’s career spans over thirty colourful years in various capacities, rising through the years from a junior to very senior positions. In him is a vast store of knowledge and experiences that he has constantly used for building people. Now entrusted with the responsibility of leading the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) that will take Brunei forward, his contributions to people development will help shape the future of his country. 

Haji Yahkup’s diligence and commitment to his work in people development helped organizations such as Brunei Shell, Brunei Petroleum and AITI to strengthen their capacity. All these have resulted in tremendous growth of local talents in a young country, which is crucial for Brunei economic well-being. 

Under his visionary leadership, the implementation of various projects in AITI has helped the country to move towards enhancing the telecommunications sector. The formation of an e-government initiative has served to drive the implementation of strategic directions and e-government system integration. People development is the basis for the success of these efforts which is crucial for Brunei’s development. Hj. Yahkup is there at the centre stage in this effort. 

The Asia HRD Congress 2011 Awards Committee is delighted to honour Haji Yahkup Bin Haji Menudin for his outstanding contribution to people development in Brunei.