Group CEO / Executive Director, Masterskill Education Group Berhad, Malaysia
Contribution to Society
This “Contribution to Society” Award recognises YBhg. Dato’ Sri Edmund Santhara’s contribution to education in Malaysia. 

While YBhg. Dato’ Sri Edmund Santhara, who is now working towards his doctoral degree with an Australian university, held a number of critical responsibilities in the corporate sector that enriched his managerial, leadership and business experiences. His present work at Masterskill is immensely important for education in Malaysia. 

He joined Masterskill as a Director of Business Development in October 2004 and eventually became Masterskill’s Group CEO & Executive Director in January 2010 for his contributions. Working with his rich experience and influenced by his love for the strategy-heavy chess game, he was able to within 6 years shape a socially purposeful and economically profitable educational institution, enhance the quality and performance of private education in Malaysia and make significant difference to the lives of many aspiring Malaysians students (and students from other developing societies). The academic community too has vastly benefitted. 

Dato’ Sri Edmund Santhara has through his focussed efforts revolutionized nursing and healthcare education in Malaysia. His contribution to education is phenomenal. His leadership and innovative measures in Masterskill have seen a rapid growth in student population from a mere 70 students per year in 2001 to its current 17,000. Masterskill is now the largest brand in nursing and allied health education in the Asia Pacific region with 1 University College and 3 college campuses nationwide with overall capacity of 33,000 students. 

CSR efforts have been also central to Dato’ Sri Edmund Santhara’s work, which goes beyond just promoting formal education. An important contribution in this area is his involvement with the chess game. He has been promoting the importance and benefits of chess among Malaysian youths since 2007. To achieve this, he has worked through various youth development programs in chess with the Ministry of Education, Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF), ASEAN Chess Confederation (ACC) and Kuala Lumpur Chess Association, where he is the President. In 2008, Dato’ Edmund Santhara, with the support of chess community and His Royal Highness Crown Prince of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, brought an annual international level chess tournament into Malaysia -- Kuala Lumpur International Open Chess Tournament. Following this contribution, is his establishment of the Malaysian Intellect Development Foundation (MIDF) to help develop leadership and entrepreneurship amongst young Malaysians. The Asia HRD Congress 2011 Awards Committee is delighted to honour YBhg. Dato’ Sri Edmund Santhara for his commitment to contribute to education in Malaysia.