Former President Malaysian Institute of Human Management, Malaysia
Lifetime Achievement

Mr. Samuel A. Abishegam, is an illustrious personality in Malaysia's Human Resources Development scene. 

He was the first Director General of the National Productivity Council, the first Human Resources Director of Dunlop, Malaysia, and Director of Human Resources of Radio Corporation of America. He is also the founding member and president of the Malaysian Human Resources Management. For more than two decades, he worked with the Malaysian Institute of Management. At the height of his career, Mr. Abishegam was Malaysia's leading trainer. He is known as Malaysia's pioneer in management training. 

Mr. Abishegam has been the source of inspiration to many young people and has contributed significantly in the development of the Human Resources community. 

Dr. R. Palan's book Frequently Asked Questions in HRD is specially dedicated to Mr. Sam Abishegam.