on behalf of Dr. Surjit Singh, HRD Practitioner, Malaysia
Lifetime Achievement
The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises individuals who can be singled out for their tireless life-time commitment and passion to make a difference to the human development community. They are individuals who have made a huge difference to the direction of the profession with their research and practice. They are unselfish in their sharing and tower among their peers in the profession. Their legacy to the profession is seen in the work they have done, the lives they have touched and the books they have left behind for humanity. This award has been only offered twice in the past - both Asians who happen to be Malaysians. This is the first time an American has been nominated to receive this award and this is due to his great contribution to Asia. 

Prof. Dr. Don Kirkpatrick who developed his famous four levels of evaluation as part of his PhD dissertation on training front line supervisors has also held positions in International Minerals and Chemicals, and Bendix Aerospace. 

While officially "retired" from the University of Wisconsin Management Institute US, he remains a professor emeritus, and continues to write books on leadership, performance, and evaluation. His most significant contribution to the industry is his four levels, alive and strong even after over 50 years. Donald continues to speak at major training events around the world, and has his 9th book coming out in October of 2007, Implementing the Four Levels. His books have been translated into several languages. 

Don was past president of the American Society for Training and Development (1975) and was honored with their 2004 Lifetime Achievement in Workplace Learning and Performance award. He was also inducted into the HRD Hall of Fame in 1997 Training Magazine Conference. 

Don's contributions to Asia include several visits to Asia - China, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and many others. Don has spoken at Asia HRD Congress 2002. He has mentored many Asians who have made a remarkable contribution to the profession. 

Even though he is 82 years and has recently had a quadruple bypass surgery, he is still active in training. His 2007 session at the American Society for Training & Development International Conference & Exhibition was an overwhelming success.