President and CEO, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Malaysia
Lifetime Achievement

This “Lifetime Achievement” Award recognises Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Lim Kok Wing for his innovative approach to creative education and outstanding contribution to excellence in human capital development. In Malaysia, the name Limkokwing is a brand that is widely associated with creativity and innovation. For over 35 years, Tan Sri Dato’ Lim has applied the principles of innovation to not just build his business but to move hearts and minds on national issues as well as nurture innovative capability of the next generation in nations across the world. He was recently voted Entrepreneur of the Year, recognised for having balanced business success with social consciousness. He set up his own consultancy at the age of 29 and in less than 10 years became an industry legend. He ventured into education and in less than 15 years built a formidable university that is recognised and respected in over 100 countries. His boldness and vision in transforming the conduct of education in the seven countries where he has established campuses, including one in the heart of London, UK is commendable. With a global vision, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Lim continues to innovate and articulate a formidable brand name that will not only make Malaysia proud, but create a worldwide precedence of avantgarde education system to touch people’s lives positively.