12th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Philippines
Lifetime Achievement

The “Lifetime Achievement” Award recognizes His Excellency General (Ret.) Fidel V. Ramos, the 12th President of the Republic of the Philippines for his committed, visionary leadership in taking his country to stability and growth during a very difficult period by creating the conditions and institutions necessary for security, peace and development of the hardy Filipino people. 

Today His Excellency Fidel Ramos is a private citizen but holding many responsibilities in very critically important national and global organisations. To cite a few from a long list, he is Chairman, Ramos Peace and Development (RPDEV) Foundation; Trustee, International Crisis Group (ICG); Member, Advisory Group, UN University for Peace; Founding Member, Policy Advisory Commission, World Intellectual Property Organization (PAC-WIPO); Honorary Member, World Commission on Water for the 21st Century; and Honorary President, Human Development Network (HDN) Philippines. He has 28 honorary doctorates from prestigious local and foreign institutions. 

His Excellency Fidel Ramos started his career as a soldier committed to the security and defense of his country. He has been decorated with a number of military awards in recognition of his valor and service both by the Philippines and foreign governments. The “soldier-attitude” is a disciplined one and one that necessarily connotes a service directed at ensuring others live in security and peace. True soldiering is selfless and is “other-directed”. These social and emotional orientations certainly supported His Excellency Fidel Ramos in his journey to become the 12th President and to serve the Republic of the Philippines. 

His Excellency Fidel Ramos was known as a hero of the 1986 people-power revolution, the bloodless coup that ousted an unpopular president. People power was His Excellency Fidel Ramos’ idea of how to fight an undemocratic and authoritarian institutional set up. It helped move the country forward. His Excellency Fidel Ramos was elected president in 1992. He led the country until 1998. 

Under His Excellency Fidel Ramos, the Philippines experienced a period of political stability and rapid economic growth and expansion, as a result of his policies and programs designed to foster national reconciliation of conflicting social and political segments and to promote national unity. When His Excellency Fidel Ramos took over to lead Philippines, he was able to secure major peace agreements with Muslim separatists, communist insurgents and military rebels. While communist insurgency dwindled to historic lows, he achieved a peace agreement with military rebels and the secessionist Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) for which he won for the Philippines the coveted 1997 UNESCO Peace Award -- the first for Asians. This brought about peaceful coexistence and renewed investor confidence in the Philippine economy. His Excellency Fidel Ramos also aggressively pushed for the deregulation of the nation’s major industries and the privatization of bad government assets to improve efficiency and effectiveness. As a result of his hands-on approach to the economy, the Philippines was dubbed by various international magazines and observers then as “Asia’s Next Economic Tiger”. 

The Asia HRD Congress 2011 Awards Committee is delighted to honour His Excellency General (Ret.) Fidel V. Ramos the Lifetime Achievement Award for his visionary, inspiring and practical leadership. He had steadfastly promoted the principles of people development, empowerment and global competitiveness. He brought Hope to the people of Philippines.