Minister for Foreign Trade, United Arab Emirates
Lifetime Achievement

This “Lifetime Contribution” award recognises H.E. Sheikha Lubna Binti Khalid Al Qasimi for her mission to inspire all Emiratis and women worldwide, to be more productive members of the society and contribute meaningfully to the long-term progress of United Arab Emirates and Society at large.

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi has been one of the most easily recognisable government officials of the United Arab Emirates, primarily because of her numerous groundbreaking achievements in both the public and private sectors. Her global prominence was highlighted recently when she was recognised as the most powerful Arab woman and the world’s 70th most powerful woman by the US-based Forbes Magazine. Arabian Business magazine put her on the top of their women’s power list. And, she is not in just any ministerial position; Sheikha Lubna’s brief involves promoting greater trade ties with international partners, which is a vital part of the UAE’s diversification strategy.

She is a role model for all women, showing by example, what women are capable of. She is credited with the development of a system that slashed cargo turnaround times at Dubai airport, and the founding of Tejari, the Middle East’s first business-to-business online marketplace. The firm, which is now one of Dubai World’s most successful units, has franchises across the Middle East.

Sheikha Lubna’s appointment in November 2004 to manage what was then the UAE’s newly merged economy and planning portfolio was a historic event as she became the first woman ever in the country to assume a ministerial position, a significant achievement in today’s world. H.E. plays a significant role in supporting the UAE federal government in its economic diversification efforts. She strives to improve and safeguard women rights and contributes to humanitarian efforts for sustainable development and the support of women, children and youth issues continues in many countries, Islamic and otherwise.

In 2007, she became the first Arab woman to receive the Italian ‘Stella Re’ prize. This prize is awarded annually to just one woman throughout the world who strives to make a difference to contemporary society and culture through her innovative work, dedication and ideas. She stands out as one person who has made, and who can continue to make, a huge contribution to Society with her courage, tenacity and strength of character.