Chairman, TAFE Arabia, Saudi Arabia
Contribution to HR Community
The ‘Contribution to Human Resrouces Community’ award recognizes Mr Abdulghani AL-Rumaih for enabling skills education in Saudi Arabia. 

Mr Abdulghani AL-Rumaih is currently the Chairman of the Board of TAFE Arabia, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a leading institute in technical vocational training providing assistance to local jobseekers. 

He heads the Board of Directors that aims to expand TAFE Arabia’s expertise in managing local and International Schools.  

Recipient of the prestigious CEO awards in Technical Field all over Saudi Arabia in 2011 and consequently awarded with the Honorary Shield from the Minister of Social Affairs in the community service sector. He recently received an award from the Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Province for Best Training Facility. 

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow Mr Abdulghani Al-Rumaih the Contribution to Human Resources Community Award 2014 for his vision and mission to help others to build their dreams.