CEO & Executive Director, Eikon International Holding, UAE
Contribution to HR Community
The ‘Contribution to Human Resources Community’ award recognises Dr Vidhya Vinod for building prestigious educational brands. 

Dr Vidhya Vinod, an entrepreneur, educationist and visionary enriches the community with her expertise in creating, operating and delivering exceptional experiences in professional education. Dr Vidhya is on the board of several prestigious educational institutions that span the Middle East, India and Europe. She has distinguished herself as a student, sportsperson and socially committed citizen in her early years and is also a much lauded teacher. One of the youngest women CEO in the region, Dr Vidhya aspires to use her innovation and entrepreneurial skills to establish reputable and commercially viable educational institutions in different parts of the world. Straddling many worlds, Dr Vidhya is a mother, homemaker and yoga enthusiast who dreams of blurring the many lines that divide this world of ours. 

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow Dr Vidhya Vinod the Contribution to Human Resources Community Award 2014 for championing educational initiatives in the developing world.