President of Corporate HR for the Himatsingka Group, INDIA
Contribution to HR Community

The 'Contribution to HR Community' award recognizes Mr Y. R Wilson for his strategic HR plan to provide girls from rural areas an opportunity to learn life skills, get a degree and to build a career in the garment industry. 

The creation of the 24/7 "Share and Care" model happened 10 years ago. This modal had more than 3,000 girls from rural areas housed in a hostel with foster parents, educators for continuing education and life skill trainers. Throughout the time spent there, they were taught computer skills, English, hygiene, dance, drama and life skills. They were even given an opportunity to earn a degree. 

With the right guidance and a safe growing environment, these girls have demonstrated highest productivity in the Indian Garment industry. They manage to graduate, with some obtaining degrees. While for those who has left the model, they are now leading a healthy married life.