Maxis Communication Berhad, Malaysia
Contribution to Organisation

Dato' Jamaludin Ibrahim is the CEO of Maxis Communications Berhad, not only Malaysia's number one mobile operator, but also a company that has diversified overseas by acquiring telecommunication companies in Indonesia and India. Dato' Jamaludin is not your typical CEO. With an extensive IT background and the experience obtained from IBM and Western Digital, in the 8 years he has been at the helm of Maxis, Jamaludin has taken his company to great heights. Motivated by his strong sense of responsibility and driven by a deep desire to challenge the boundaries of excellence, Jamal, as he is often referred to by friends and collleagues, has managed to raise the bar and taken Maxis beyond ordinary levels of corporate achievements. 

Perhaps one of the major reasons for Jamal's phenomenal success is his passion for people that has led to Maxis being benchmarked against some of the best human capital development practices of top corporations and is being progressively and constantly improved. 

Jamal is also the recipient of numerous awards. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Services to the Mobile Telecommunications Industry by Asian Mobile News, Singapore (June 2004), and named Malaysia's CEO of the Year 2000 by American Express Corporate Services and the Business Times (November 2001). 

Under Jamal's leadership, Maxis was among the Best Employers in Malaysia in 2003, the Company bagged four awards at FinanceAsia's Annual Regional Best Managed Companies Awards Presentation in 2004 and was placed second best in the "Best Managed Company Overall" lists. More recently, Maxis was listed in Forbes 2000 Leading Companies in the World, awarded Mobile Operator of the Year by the Asian Mobilenews Awards 2005 and a host of other significant accolades. 

While focusing on Maxis' investments overseas, Jamal is now riding on a change management mode across the board in Maxis. The changes to be put in place, some of which have already been implemented in stages, will see a more exciting, ever-vibrant Maxis, an operation that all those who are associated with it will find refreshing, engaging and profitable.