Mr. Eugene Lee received the award on behalf of Mr. Loh Meng See
Senior Vice-President of Human Resource, Singapore Airlines Limited, Singapore
Contribution to Organisation
Prior to 1990, Mr. Loh Meng See has served the Co-operative Movement for the past 15 years. In 1984, he was appointed Director of Keppel Group Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. Subsequently he has held the position of Chairman of the Membership Committee in the Keppel Group Co-operative Credit Union Ltd since 1986. 

He was involved in the formation of the Singapore Credit Co- operative League Ltd (SCOPE). Upon the registration of SCOPE, he was appointed as its Chairman, a position which he holds till today. 

He represented Singapore in various Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) meetings, seminars and conferences held locally and overseas. 

In 1993, SCOPE, together with SNCF and ACCU, organised the International Symposium on the theme " Challenge of the Co-operatives in the Next Century" in Singapore. This was attended by more than 200 Co-operative leaders from all over the world. Mr Loh, as Chairman of SCOPE, initiated this and successfully orchestrated the activities. 

His stature in Singapore in both the government and private sector, commitment to the cooperative movement and his well-thought ideas is well-known to both local and overseas cooperative leaders. Because of this, the Singapore movement has earned the respect of many overseas co-operatives. 

For his unstinting efforts and his commitment and dedication to the co-operative movement, SNCF is pleased to award him the Rochdale Medal.