Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, UEM Group, Malaysia
Contribution to Organisation

The Contribution to the Organisation Award recognises YBhg. Dato' Ahmad Pardas Senin for his steady determination and enduring resolution to develop people in the UEM Group. 

YBhg. Dato' Ahmad Pardas, the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of UEM Group, Malaysia's leading conglomerate in infrastructure development and preferred nation building partner locally and globally, is a visionary corporate leader of great distinction. 

He has developed a talent creation machine that not only benefits UEM but also the entire nation. A pragmatic and open person who sees people development as the core of human dignity, he has successfully brought changes across UEM Group through the introduction of innovative systems and processes that have positively impacted overall employees' productivity and company's bottom line. 

UEM Group's value creation strategy focuses on productivity of resources, business growth and expansion, people and organisational development, enhancement of systems and processes, and improvement of image and perception as elements of its organisational culture. The main thrust of this strategy is to create a leadership-centered culture throughout the Group, one that emphasizes the importance of having effective leaders at all levels of the organisation who will drive performance to the benefit of all stakeholders. 

YBhg. Dato' Ahmad Pardas welcomes the opportunity and challenge to orchestrate this fundamental shift in how the organisation viewed its most important resource. The "Five Point Focus Value Creation Strategy" as it is known, has now touched the lives of 21,000 UEM Group employees. 

As "chief people advocate" in UEM Group, YBhg. Dato' Ahmad Pardas has opened the minds and hearts of aspiring leaders throughout the organisation.