Group Managing Director, The Indorama Group , India
Contribution to Organisation

Born in 1974 in India, Mr. Amit Lohia has a graduate degree in economics and finance from the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania from the batch of 1995. He has been a senior executive in the Group since 1996 and has worked in various roles. 

Mr. Amit Lohia took over the Indorama Group at the age of 30 in July 2004 and when he took charge as the Group Managing Director. The group valued at USD 600 million. With his sheer HR driven policies and practices, he has grown the group to USD 3 billion as of date, in about 3 and a half years. 

During the course of the last 3 and a half years, Eleme Petrochemicals, a loss making public sector in Nigeria was acquired by Indorama and under his leadership and with the same human resources that the group inherited, he turned around the company in less than 3 months and made it profitable. Even while 14 of the key executives, including the Managing Director, Vice President Operations and 4 General Managers being abducted, not a single employee left the company. Instead, all of them believed in his vision and leadership and stood by him and ensured the start up of the plant within a month of the abduction and are running the company in full swing. 

After he took over as the Group Managing Director, he brought in some extremely employee sensitive practices, which has ensured that the employee turnover has been less than 2 %, whereas the industry standards have been above 7%. 

He took charge of another large Public Sector, the Shebin Elkom Textile company in Cairo in Egypt and has set the ball rolling towards its turnaround with the same set of employees, by motivating them to deliver. 

The global standards for productivity in the spinning industry has been USD 6 per spindle. When he took over, the productivity was at USD 4 per spindle within the Indorama group. Without changing any people, he has achieved a record breaking productivity of USD 12 as an average in all the plants and USD 14 in the Sri Lankan operations. This has been accomplished by his belief in empowering his team members and motivating them in the right manner. 

His leadership has seen a new PET plant built in Alabama in the US and this has spiraled the group as the largest producer of PET in the world. The feather in the cap has been the acquisition of the Prestigious Eastman Chemicals company in Netherlands recently and the turnaround process has started.