President & Chief Executive Officer, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia
Contribution to Organisation

MIMOS Berhad (MIMOS) is Malaysia's national R&D center of excellence in information and communication technology. It was established in 1985 and since its inception has contributed to the national ICT strategic policy planning and the development of Malaysia's knowledge economy. 

Human capital development (HCD) is accorded the highest priority as the key enabler to achieving MIMOS vision of becoming a Premier Applied Research Centre in Frontier Technologies. Four innovative HCD initiatives have been introduced to leverage on human resource as a vital strategic asset. These are: 

  • A Performance Culture Based on Leadership Core Values 
  • Human Capability and Capacity Development Programme 
  • Workforce Process Improvement Programme 
  • Balanced Work-Life Development

Performance Culture Based on Leadership Core Values Eight Leadership Core Values were identified as the building blocks of the new MIMOS culture with Uncompromising Integrity as integral to the practice of the remaining seven work values. 

A comprehensive and intensive implementation programme was drawn up to develop this culture, beginning with the MIMOS Code of Ethics. 

Code of Ethics, awareness seminars and hands on workshops were held to develop action plans for translating the leadership core values into everyday behaviours. 

The action plans were evaluated in a Leadership Core Values Convention and the top three teams were recognized. Efforts are rigorously underway to ensure full implementation of the action plans across the organization. 

Human Capability and Capacity Development Programme Human capability development programme is aimed at enhancing the domain expertise and competencies of the workforce to attain the desired level of becoming experts. To bridge this gap, MIMOS has leveraged on the highly acclaimed People-Capability Maturity Model® which is accredited by Carnegie Mellon University. This comprehensive methodology amongst others comprises 3 key components namely "competency based development framework", "succession planning and career development" and "performance management framework". MIMOS is targeted to achieve Level 3 accreditation in 2008.