Chief Executive Officer, Kompas Gramedia, Indonesia
Contribution to Organisation

Mr. Agung Adiprasetyo, graduated from IKIP Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta in 1982, and holds a Master degree in Business Administration and a Magister Management PPM Institute Of Management, Jakarta. He began his career with The Kompas Morning Daily as an advertising manager in 1984 and several other positions till 1998 where he took up the position of Business Director. In 2006, he was appointed CEO of Kompas Gramedia. 

In the beginning of his career as the CEO of Kompas Gramedia, he redefined Kompas Gramedia Corporate Identity and Goals by composing Kompas Gramedia Vision Statement which is:"To be the biggest, the best, integrated and spreaded in South East Asia through knowledge base industry to create well educated society, enlighten and respect to cultural differences and social welfare." This Vision Statement is to strengthen the goal of Kompas Gramedia to go to South East Asia in 2020. 

A new tagline, "Enlightening People" and logo for Kompas Gramedia were introduced to strengthen the Corporate Identity. Not only tagline and logo, the company values is redefined also, the 5Cs which stands for Caring, Credible, Competent, Competitive, Customer Delight. 

Mr. Agung Adiprasetyo also does some major improvements in management, especially in the Human Resources, Advertising, Circulation, and Financial sectors. Moreover, he proclaimed the year of 2006 to 2008 as Human Resources year in Kompas Gramedia. His vision in Human Resources Development is to create individuals to be a high achiever person, a competitive person, a positive thinker, and has the "can do" mentality. 

Major improvements in Human Resources Management that Mr. Agung Adiprasetyo does are: First, he pushes an aligned employee individual vision mission with corporate vision and a transparent employee performance evaluation to increase their productivity and sense of competition by implementing the Balanced Score Card (BSC) and Performance Management System (PM) with Individuals Key Performance Indicators (KPI). 

Second, he organises the Kompas Gramedia Management Trainee Program, Management Development Programme for supervisors and staffs, Middle Management Development Programme for the middle managers, and Executive Development Programme for the Board of Directors. These programmes are in purpose of employee development and to search the best among the best. Third, he adopts a modern Human Resources Management by implementing a job evaluation, competitive reward system and fair assessment for all managers in all Business Units.Fourth, he encourages competition and sense of achievement by setting a high target for all BUs to be achieved.