Group Chief Executive Officer, Masterskill University College of Health Sciences (MUCH), Malaysia
Contribution to Organisation
This “Contribution to the Organisation” Award recognises Dato’ Edmund Santhara for his breath taking contribution to providing health education in Malaysia. 

Dato’ Edmund Santhara is the Chief Executive Officer of Masterskill University College of Health Sciences and is also acting as the agent of change to implement a new paradigm in the arena of health education in Malaysia. 

Responsible in ensuring growth, he mobilises the business by implementing international franchise models and by leading the overall business activities of Masterskill. Dato’ Edmund developed a simple and friendly business model called RTS and adopted core values to be practised by all to promote good corporate working culture within Masterskill. 

Dato’ Edmund Santhara is a strong believer in giving to the society what it needs most - education and healthcare. Dato’ Edmund, embarked into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes in 2006 and implemented the programme through 6 streams, namely providing education, nurturing a respectful workplace, providing community and social welfare, caring for the environment,building national integrity and contributing to nation building. 

Masterskill won the Prime Minister’s CSR Award in 2007. In March 2008 Dato’ Edmund established Malaysian Intellect Development Foundation (MIDF) to strengthen and multiply efforts in nation building by encouraging the development of young leaders and entrepreneurs in Malaysia. 

Dato’ Edmund Santhara also initiated the Education Sponsorship Programme enabling many employees to further their studies from Certificate to PhD level. His hard work and success were bestowed with recognitions including the National Youth Award from the Prime Minister, Malaysian Entrepreneur Award, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Award and most recently the 2008 World Creative Young Entrepreneur Award by Junior Chamber International, a worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs at the JCI World Congress in New Delhi.