Abu Dhabi
Contribution to Organisation
This “Contribution to Organisation” Award recognises Abu Dhabi Police for pioneering new approaches in the transfer of learning to the workplace. 

Concerned about the safety and security of citizens and visitors in Abu Dhabi, the primary focus of Abu Dhabi Police is on training its people to ensure that the city remains one of the safest countries in the world. It is the department’s aim to deliver and implement high quality training services by engaging and learning from international experts, including trainers. Through its commitment to learning, the organisation as a whole acquires up-to-date knowledge and best practices through exposing its people to global expertise. All these endeavours attest to the committment of Abu Dhabi Polis to their innovative, pioneering efforts and approaches in the transfer of learning to the workplace. 

The evaluation plan that Abu Dhabi Police has embarked on has made Abu Dhabi Police to be in the forefront of evaluation of learning among the countries in the Middle East. The Abu Dhabi Police Training Department maximizes the attainment of organizational goals through training and development by leveraging strategic and tactical reinforcement and accountability of the training evaluation model. 

The training department delivers the best value possible to the rest of the Police Department and actively contributes to the safety of citizens of and visitors to Abu Dhabi. In this way, it protects lives and property and promotes secure and peaceful living. 

The Asia HRD Congress 2011 Awards Committee is delighted to honour Abu Dhabi Police for developing best practices in training.