Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Qualifications Agency
Movers and Shakers

The “Movers & Shakers” award recognises the work of YBhg Professor Dato’ Dr Rujhan Mustafa for his contributions to the field of people development and education.

As an academic, YBhg Professor Dato’ Dr Rujhan has produced numerous publications related to international economics specific to the East Asian economy. His academic and research work has been recognised by international bodies through the conferment of several fellowships - the Japan Foundation Fellowship, The Tokyo Foundation Fellowship, Keio University’s Visiting Research Fellowship and Kyoto University’s Foreign Guest Scholar. YBhg Professor Dato’ Dr Rujhan has also contributed as an administrator in basic and higher education in Malaysia having served in several capacities. He has contributed significantly towards quality assurance and educational administration.  YBhg Professor Dato’ Dr Rujhan has served in several international committees on education and learning.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon YBhg Professor Dato’ Dr Rujhan Mustafa the “Movers & Shakers Award 2017” for moving and shaking old beliefs and creating new paradigms in the field of education.