Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Anphabe JSC
Contribution to HR Community

The “Contribution to HR Community” award recognises Thanh Nguyen for her pathbreaking work towards helping organisations build better and happier workplaces.

Thanh’s personal vision is to become a “positive influencer who brings meaningful impacts to any life she touches”. She pioneered “Employer Branding & Happy work force solutions” in Vietnam for top enterprise to attract, motivate and retain talent. 

Thahn is a well sought after speaker at many business & HR events and national TV channels.  Prior to founding Anphabe she served as Regional Marketing Manager at Unilever Asia.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon Ms.Thanh Nguyen the “Contribution to HR Community Award 2017” for her work on improving people productivity and performance through happier work places.