Contribution to Organisation

The ‘Contribution to Organisation’ award recognises State Bank of India for innovations in developing a “knowledge” workforce.

SBI is the largest commercial bank in India in terms of assets, deposits, profits, branches, customers and employees. The Government of India itself is the largest shareholder of this Fortune 500 company, with 58.60% ownership, and SBI was ranked 152nd in The Forbes list of Global 2000 firms in May 2015. In a world, that is dominated by a singular focus on profits, the SBI championed socially responsible policies.

SBI driven by a strong belief in people development has tirelessly promoted new initiatives to develop a knowledge workforce.  SBI has developed proactive Human Resource policies to make HR a strategic partner to ensure the organisation achieves the goals given the fact that the organisation is dominated by a knowledge workforce and the organisation’s quest to become an employer of choice.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon State Bank of India the Contribution to Organisation Award 2016 for its contribution to developing a knowledge workforce.