Chief Executive Officer, Arab Education and Training Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Contribution to HR Community

This contribution to “HR Community” award recognizes Dr. Ahmed Al Taweel’s contribution to the HR Community. 

Dr. Ahmed Al-Taweel is a visionary from a family of real estate investors. In 1422h he controversially chose to invest in the education and training industry. Although fellow investors were incredulous at the beginning, Dr. Ahmed Al-Taweel was able to convince key people to invest in the Alfaisal International Academy. 

The Alfaisal International Academy was profitable from the start. It became the main pillar of the Arabian Education and Training Group from which many other endeavors have stemmed. Its growth in stature was fuelled by contagious passion of the founder himself. 

Dr. Al-Taweel’s vision to make education accessible to all, formed the basis of his outreach initiatives to society. Long before corporate social responsibility became a buzzword, Dr. Al-Taweel re-invested the profits made into establishing an Academic Center for Students and an Academic Center for Girls. 

Several other noble initiatives underline Dr. Ahmed Al-Taweel’s contribution to the community. He single handedly garnered numerous educational agreements and accreditations with notable universities and educational centers in and outside of the Kingdom. These affiliations led to an illustrious number of trainees and graduates completing their studies in various fields of specialisations.