Vice President, Group Human Resources, Sime Darby Berhad, Malaysia
Contribution to HR Community

The Contribution to the HR Community Award recognises Mr. Roslan Abdul for his pioneering efforts in Corporate Culture Transformation that bonds people together. As a Sime Darby Vice-President and Head of Sime Darby Business School, his vision for people development, firm belief, dedication, and drive in creating a strong corporate culture led him to found several key HRD programmes such as Corporate Team Based Culture, Performance Driven Culture, Performance Drive Teams, and Team Building Courses, Leadership Development, Senior Management Development, Young Managers Development, Executive Development, Supervisory Development, and, Staff Development. Since then more than 30,000 people have gone through his training programmes, many of whom are in senior positions in the government and corporate world. 

Roslan's began his career in 1974 as a Government Officer with Farmers Organisation Authority. In 1975 he went to Louisiana State University in USA to study Agriculture. He joined NST in 1984 as a Training Manager and later join the Sime Darby Group in June 1989, as Manager - Manpower Planning and Development. 

In 1992 Roslan initiated the development of Sime Darby Human Resource Development Centre only to rebrand it to the Sime Darby Business School in June 2006. Roslan Razak is known as the teambuilder/trainer a coach, mentor, a friend and an inspiration to all who comes in contact with him. He is the man with a STORI that glues organisations together. STORI, it is the acronym for Sincerity, Trust, Openness, Realisation, and Interdependence, values he inculcated in the employees. The programmes are value based, performance driven, people centered and results focused. 

As a HRD blue-blood, Roslan Razak, has contributed to HRD in the Government service, multi national corporations, public listed companies, and small businesses from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, India, Australia, Sweden, Vanuatu, Fiji and Vietnam. 

Roslan is currently pursuing collaboration and partnerships with local and international universities for the betterment of our more than 100,000 employees in Sime Darby.