Country Chair, Indochina, General Manager - General Medicines & Emerging Markets, Sanofi Indochina
Contribution to Organisation

The “Contribution to Organisation” award recognises Ms. Nguyen Anh Tuyen for her outstanding contributions towards capacity building.

Ms. Nguyen Anh Tuyen has been playing an important strategic leadership role in building excellent strategies and execution for Sanofi Vietnam & Indochina. As an Indochina Country Chair of Sanofi Indochina, she has understood the business needs for shaping the organisation’s business strategies and driving the business to a higher level of achievement.

She commits to set the right foundation for the organisation’s talent by focusing on the growth and development of Sanofi individuals. As the result, Sanofi Indochina are able to build a generation of skilled and inspired workforce who will ultimately be more innovative and have the courage to capture growth opportunities. In the past few years, Ms. Nguyen Anh Tuyen has been leading the business to contribute effectively to overall results of Sanofi Indochina.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon Ms. Nguyen Anh Tuyen the “Contribution to Organisation Award 2018” for championing a dynamic people development system.