Head of HR, GEO TV Network, Karachi, Pakistan
Contribution to HR Community

This contribution to the “HR Community” award recognizes Zulfiqar Ali’s contribution to the HR Community and its development. 

GEO TV Network is part of the largest media conglomerate of Pakistan the “Jang Group”. Established in 2002 with an ambitious vision and recognition of human resources as the foundation of GEO’s success. 

Building a team to achieve the vision was critical. CEO of GEO TV Network selected Mr. Zulfiqar Ali to accompany him on this endeavor as Head of HR. 

Zulfiqar has been instrumental in conceiving, developing and implementing initiatives like working philosophy of “Khudi” (empowerment), corporate values “GEO Iqdar”, Culture of Success “Sar Utha Kay GEO”, “Client Service Model” of HR, Organisational Design and Employee Engagement Strategy. 

These initiatives passed the toughest test in 2007, Government ban GEO TV but HR team successfully kept TeamGEO motivated and united during 79 days of curb.