Executive Director Pahang Skills Development Centre Malaysia
Contribution to HR Community

The ‘Contribution to HR Community’ award recognizes Mr. Khairur Rizal Bin Ramli for championing skills education in Malaysia.

The nation’s goal to develop a skilled workforce and achieve the developmental targets by 2020 is central to the country becoming a high income nation. As the Executive Director of Pahang Skills Development Centre, he has played a pivotal role in facilitating quality training and educational programmes for developing a skilled workforce. 

Pahang Skills Development Centre has also successfully received the Human Resources Development Award, Ministry of Human Resources Award in 2010.  

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon Mr. Khairur Rizal Bin Ramli the Contribution to HR Community Award 2016 for his role in championing skills development and creating greater economic opportunities for the skilled workforce.