Contribution to HR Community

The “Contribution to HR Community” award recognises Mekong Capital for its extraordinary influence and contribution to the advancement in the field of human development and have impacted society, the business sphere and community in Vietnam.

Over the years, Mekong Capital adds value in so far as they provide the leadership to commit to, empower the companies as proactively recruited a strong team that can reliably deliver the expected results and has the internal capacity to continue to recruit and train the team necessary to achieve the annual milestones and vision. Mekong Capital is proud not only as an investor, but also as a partner of their investee companies, partnering with them to realise their vision. When working with investee companies, Mekong Capital always put investment on human development on high priority, because Mekong Capital believes that the most important factor to succeed is a team that always generates action to build strength.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon Mekong Capital the “Contribution to HR Community Award 2018” for its contribution of Vision Driven Investing framework in HR development.