Director of Group Human Resources, Proton Holdings Berhad, Malaysia
Contribution to HR Community

Hasnah Ismail is an accomplished and dedicated HR professional and she passionately believes in doing her best - constantly tapping the talents of individual unique capabilities to maximise business results. 

In other words, her driving mottos are To Do the Right Thing and to always perceive greater value in the task performed. Her career role can be best described as a Change Agent and People Developer. 

The basic thrust of developing and motivating people stems from the fact that a valuable employee is nothing more than a person who will do what you want done! 

With more than 20 years experience in HR (50-50 consulting vs corporate experience), her expertise covers assignments and work scope in a number of major transformation initiatives for the government- linked organisations (GLCs) as well as Privatised government organisations. She has designed, implemented and led projects which inevitably require structure, process and culture interventions. 

Hasnah also frequently conducts hands-on facilitation sessions training various levels of employees in the organization. Her current engagement with one of the large GLCs requires her to develop a Leadership Roadmap which incorporates team building, engagement skills, coaching and mentoring and a customised leadership development programme. She is also designing the top talent management and succession planning. 

Hasnah's style of leadership has often been described as dynamic and it will not be absolutely correct if the description is not matched with the words, fun, friendly and flexible! These 3Fs aptly describes the new era of HR which is no longer just boring (dry), unfriendly (IR) and rigid (inflexible). Her corporate HR career allows her to complement the strategic consulting experience with the day to day implementation aspects of making change happen. In short, she is known for her engaging style and possesses a deep skills-set in managing change. She is at the same time sensitive and respectful of the Stakeholder's needs all the time. 

Hasnah graduated with a BBA degree from Western Michigan University, USA in 1981 and subsequently proceeded to do her post-graduate studies at University of Dayton, Ohio in 1983. She began her career as an Executive at Malayan Banking Berhad, Economic Research Department, a division under the Corporate Planning Division for about 5 years. Her next move led her to acquire and gain greater insights and Experience in HR, working over the years with the renowned Consulting firms. Armed with that experience, she delved back into the corporate scene and proved to herself that Consultants Can and Do Deliver As Well! 

Hasnah is blessed with 5 children; 3 teenage daughters and 2 cheeky young boys. Managing a balanced family lifestyle and a progressing career is without doubt a great challenge and as human beings, we seek the blessings of the Almighty for the divine intervention and guidance always.