CEO / Principal Consultant, Brain Dynamics Global Sdn Bhd Malaysia
Contribution to HR Community

The Contribution to the HR Community Award recognises Dr. Peter Shephard for his pioneering efforts as a training professional over the last three decades. 

One core value of Peter's, is sharing knowledge and developing others, and he has demonstrated this since joining the scouting movement, the red cross and the cadets in the 50's. It seemed a natural transition from teens to adulthood to join the Training and Development profession. This first started out in 1967, when he became an animal health officer with the New Zealand Government. Later he trained the veterinary sales force of a US multinational drug company. After working with QANTAS, he came to Malaysia to train Job Analysts in MAS. 

In the seventies, he formed CREDO, a HR and OD Company. Since then, not a month has gone by when he is not consulting, training, coaching or teaching. He has served with several professional associations and is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars. He is also an author of 5 books. On the academic scene, Peter has two doctoral degrees: A PhD in Intercultural Management and a D. Litt on Personality, Genetics and Learning Styles. 

Currently his emphasis is on the profiling of personality and competency potential, including the use of aptitude testing and whole brain learning and thinking. With his interest in culture and diversity, he has been validating several instrument's in which he is also a Certified Master Trainer. So, at an age when many people have long retired, Peter is as active as ever, and when asked about retirement, he said: "Maybe I will think about it in 2020, when I turn 80!"