Chief Executive Officer, Sarawak Centre of Performance Excellence Sdn Bhd (SCOPE), Government of Sarawak
Movers and Shakers

The “Movers & Shakers” award recognises the work of Dr Asleena Haji Helmi for her pathbreaking work on leadership development within the government sector.

Dr Asleena Haji Helmi was instrumental on development of programs and labs on High Performance Leaders. The program portfolio included 43 cluster programs which helped build high performing leaders within the government organisations in the state of Sarawak.

She has published numerous academic research work and is an associate research fellow at Malaysian National Higher Education Research Institute (NAHERI). She is also in the steering scientific committee, world summit of the knowledge society, Greece.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon Dr Asleena Haji Helmi the “Movers & Shakers Award 2017” for moving and shaking old beliefs and creating new paradigms in the field of leadership development in government sector.