Contribution to Organisation

The “Contribution to Organisation” award recognises A Cut Above Sdn Bhd for revolutionising the people development in the hair industry in Malaysia.

A Cut Above has helped shaping the local hairdressing scene through its constant strive to maintain excellent standards. It also helps sustain the growth of all its employees through education, training and innovation. As a skills development leader, the organisation has focussed on skills development and employability of its graduates.

As a pioneer and leader in the hair industry in Malaysia, A Cut Above’s founder remains the only Malaysian to be honoured with the World Master of the Craft title, awarded by the Arts & Fashion Group of New York for excellence and effort in upgrading standards in the industry.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon A Cut Above Sdn Bhd the “Contribution to Organisation Award 2019” for creating new skills paradigms in the field of arts and fashion.