Manager, Learning & Development Orpic
Movers and Shakers

The “Movers & Shakers” award recognises the work of Ali Al Mahrouqi for his tremendous contribution in building networks and pioneering the Learning & Development operations.

Under Ali’s leadership, Orpic’s learning and development department is recognised in Oman as one of the most advanced and matured L&D organisations applying full scope of Talent Management practices. He also pioneered the ‘Trainee Development Programme’ which is acclaimed as ‘one of the best programmes of its kind in Oman’ and has been endorsed by the Ministry of Manpower.

The Asia HRD Awards Committee is honoured to bestow upon Ali Al Mahrouqi the “Movers & Shakers Award 2019” for moving and shaking old beliefs and creating new paradigms in the field of talent development in Oman.