Director of Group Human Resources, Ministry of Works, Kingdom of Bahrain
Contribution to HR Community

This “Contribution to HR Community” Award recognises Mr. Ahmad A. Aziz Al Khayat’s contribution to human capital development in the Ministry of Works, Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Mr. Ahmad Aziz Al Khayat was appointed in August 2002 as Director of Human Resources in the Ministry of Works (MOW), Kingdom of Bahrain. He has moved on from his role as pure implementer of Civil Service Bureau’s rules and regulations into a human capital developer working to change MOW into a leading professional organisation. 

His enormous achievement is in implementing the Management Development Planning Study. He has contributed to its successful implementation and its continuous roll-out and improvements covering Strategic Review – Diagnostic and Analysis of MOW, Organisational Manual, Business Architecture, Analysis of Human Resources Requirements, HR Policy and Procedures, Performance Appraisal System, IT Goals & Strategies, Project Management, and Project Cycle and Work Procedures.